ISFEH10 Oslo Norway

22. to 27. May 2022 at Radisson Scandinavia Hotel


The International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards has become one of the important international events for fire and explosion engineering and science. The knowledge of technical aspects of fire and explosion hazards is the basis for safe design and operation of systems and structures and emergency response strategies in case of incidents or accidents. Understanding the physical effects that can cause harm is vital to reduce consequences and risk during incidents or accidents leading to fire and explosions. This knowledge is especially critical when new energy carriers are being introduced in to society. The ISFEH 10 conference is a place to share research on physical effects of hazards, prediction methods for consequences, applied safety analysis methods, mitigation methods, emergency response strategies, and many other topics.

ISFEH10 inherits well established traditions of past conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia (2019), Hefei, China (2016) , Providence, USA (2013), Leeds, UK (2010), Edinburgh, UK (2007), Londonderry, UK (2003), Lake Windermere, UK (2000), and Moscow, Russia (1995, 1997).

ISFEF10 – First Program Draft

We are happy to announce the first draft of the program. I would like to point out that due to some uncertainties, the program are likely going to be changed towards the conference.

Program for ISFEH10

ISFEH10 Registration

The registration for ISFEH10 is now open. The following link will take you to the registration page:


The conference dinner and boat trip on the Oslo fjord will take place on Thursday 26. May.

There are two options for an activity on Wednesday 25. May:

  • Tour of Hynor research facility, run by IFE (Hynor). This is for a maximum of 30 people.
  • Guided tour in Vigelandsparken.


The conference will be held at Radisson Scandinavia Hotel (Radisson Scandinavia) where you can book room.

There are many options for hotels in Oslo around the Royal Palace (Google Maps) which is not far from the conference venue: Google Maps, Radisson Scandinavia


If you fly to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, it is only a short train ride to Oslo. The closest train station is Nationalteateret (Nationalteateret to Radisson Scandinavia)

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Invitation for VISA

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There are no COVID-restriction in Norway

Invited speakers

Announcement of invited speakers will come shortly


The Program will be announced soon